25 to 29 March, 8 pm I brut im Konzerthaus
Gin Müller & Gorji Marzban

After a great success and an excited audience in October 2014 we welcome TRANS GENDER MOVES back on stage. The performance revolves around the question of what makes a person challenge their own gender or gender identity.

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27 March, 10 pm I brut im Künstlerhaus
It’s a BIG Issue

Yet again in spring, MALEFIZ opens the big stage to hardboiled dance optimists, stumbling through a marvellously naughty night full of outlandishly playful POP-ELECTRO-DANCE MUSIC with the ménage à trois of DJs J’AIME JULIEN, HERTZBUBE and DORNROSE. 

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28 March, 9 pm I brut im Künstlerhaus
PENDLER - Hey Translators Album Release Show
mit Eloui & Gästen

For almost ten years, the trio PENDLER has been devoted to the experimental side paths of what is still allowed to call itself pop music. On their third album Hey Translators, the multi-layered superimpositions of frayed sounds, creaking and clomping polyrhythmics, choir-like singing melodies and black-humoured minimalistic hedges and ditches of text are joined by a newly awoken commitment to more compact songs and epic mini-dramas.

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30 March, 9 pm I brut im Künstlerhaus
Jochen Distelmeyer presents OTIS
Concert/ Reading

The unique poetic lyrics by Jochen Distelmeyer – frontman of the band Blumfeld, composer and songwriter – have long become “members of the pop DNA” (taz). With albums like Ich-Maschine, L’État et moi and Testament der Angst, Distelmeyer and Blumfeld have set standards for several decades. Jochen Distelmeyer is currently on a musical reading tour to present his debut novel OTIS.

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9 to 12 April, 8 pm I brut im Künstlerhaus
Simon Mayer
Sons of Sissy

After Falter magazine listed Simon Mayer’s solo performance SunBengSitting in its end-of-the-year review as one of the top theatre productions of 2014, describing it as an “ingenious, nakedly yodelling interplay of folk and contemporary dance”, Simon Mayer is now back on the brut stage with his new group performance Sons of Sissy. In the focus is that universe of traditions, folk dances and folk music from which the Upper Austrian country lad Simon Mayer originates.

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+++ Bretterbodendisko, 10 April, 10 pm, brut im Künstlerhaus/Foyer/Bar  +++