31 December, 10 pm | brut im Künstlerhaus
Queer the Year! New Year's Eve Gala

brut boasts a New Year’s Eve of absolute superlatives. The CLUB GROTESQUE FATAL (formerly CLUB BURLESQUE BRUTAL) ventures to the brut stage as a glamorously radical female artist collective together with the legendary stars of the queer performance collective DUCKIE from London. Once the wads of smoke have faded, the local heroes of FM queer and the quote collective take control over musical matters, steering the dancing crowds towards the save haven of a long and sweaty New Year’s Eve.

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8 January, 9 pm | brut im Künstlerhaus/Foyer/Bar
Tonia Reeh & Rudi Fischerlehner, MONSTERFRAU

In January BRUTTO presents two concert experiences that are utterly different but equally worth seeing and listening to. Tonia Reeh will sing and play live together with Rudi Fischerlehner and MONSTERFRAU will show her new Performance Jockey Release!

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10 January, 20 Uhr | brut im Künstlerhaus
15 Jahre

No January passes without a birthday! The Viennese online platform for music and related experiments assembles again artists and act from the experimental electronic music scene. Fifteen years of noise, silence, black, white, better colours, boredom and frenzy compressed into a gorgeously dense evening.

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15 to 17 January, 8 pm | brut im Künstlerhaus
Doris Uhlich
Universal Dancer

Universal Dancer by choreographer and performer Doris Uhlich is back on the brut stage! Doris Uhlich transforms the theatre space into the epicentre of a movement. With techno culture as her starting point, she launches a global rave that revolves around questions such as how do movements become big and what kind of force is needed to set such movements in motion?

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21 to 23 January, 7 pm | Institut francais, Währingerstraße 30
Lise Lendais

In the Salon Rouge of the French Institute, PIED-NOIR deconstructs and reconstructs myths and legends about the no longer existing “French Algeria”. The story revolves around the so-called “Pieds-noirs” French from Algeria during the colonial period, who left Algeria when the country gained independence in 1962.

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+++ CLUB FIORUCCI, 3 January, 10 pm, brut im Künstlerhaus/Foyer/Bar  +++