25 September to 1 November | brut im Künstlerhaus, brut im Konzerthaus, other venues
Key Topic

For the past seven years brut has been persistently challenging the boundaries of artistic disciplines, gender identities, pop culture and contemporary performance, in order to undermine the status quo and to create productive cracks in the foundations of our thinking. Starting in its eighth season with the key topic Borderless, brut presents a number of performances that all topple the border between the stage and the audience, theatre and the outside world, lived identity and artistic appropriation, dreading and dreaming.

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29 October to 1 November, 8 pm | brut im Künstlerhaus
Florentina Holzinger

After causing quite a sensation on an international level paired with Vincent Riebeek, Florentina Holzinger is now back on the brut stage with a new piece. Attended by a coach, she turns into a warrior both physically and spiritually. Recovery revolves around struggle as a process of healing and the stage as an arena, in which questions of coping with trauma, a fresh start and female support are raised.

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1 November, following Recovery, brut im Künstlerhaus/Foyer/Bar
Surprise Programme hosted by Vincent Riebeek
Secret Ingredients

Following Recovery on 1 November, Vincent Riebeek, Florentina Holzinger’s long-time stage partner, hosts a surprise programme in the brut bar with music from the KLITCLIQUE, performative interventions of the Recovery cast, live bodypainting, striptease, shisha lounge and more.

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5 to 15 November | brut im Künstlerhaus, brut im Konzerthaus, other venues
Freischwimmer Festival 2014

The fusion of private and public life is the ubiquitous topic of our times.  Social networks, reality TV, spying scandals and surveillance – all these have become everyday phenomena. But how exactly does this translate from private life over into the intimate? This year’s newcomer festival sends seven artists and groups out on the search for intimacy.

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5 to 7 November, 5 pm to 9 pm | Resselpark
Tümay Kilinçel & Jungyun Bae
Dance Box

A private dance in the middle of a public space, just for you alone. Are you ready for this? Then come into the Dance Box, a walk-in jukebox of collected dances and your personal dream machine: pick a dance and it will be performed live for you and directly before your eyes!

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6 and 7 November, 9 pm | brut im Künslerhaus
Simon Mayer

SunBengSitting is a piece straddling yodelling, folk dance and contemporary dance, a trip to the past and a playful, humorous search for identity. Austrian farm boy and performance artist Simon Mayer tries to strap folk dance and traditional customs from ideological loads and outdated images of manliness.

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+++ The Gap Release, 7 November, from 10 pm, brut im Künstlerhaus/Foyer/Bar  +++