25 September to 1 November | brut im Künstlerhaus, brut im Konzerthaus, other venues
Key Topic

For the past seven years brut has been persistently challenging the boundaries of artistic disciplines, gender identities, pop culture and contemporary performance, in order to undermine the status quo and to create productive cracks in the foundations of our thinking. Starting in its eighth season with the key topic Borderless, brut presents a number of performances that all topple the border between the stage and the audience, theatre and the outside world, lived identity and artistic appropriation, dreading and dreaming.

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17 to 19 and 21 to 23 October, 8 pm | brut im Konzerthaus
Gin Müller & Gorji Marzban

TRANS GENDER MOVES presents three people who all question their gender identity. Their intimate and often tragicomic biographies reflect situations and discourses on transitions and crossing borders, also in a physical sense. The performances are complemented by a thematic exhibition and discussion, conceived by Gin Müller and Gorji Marzban to give more insight into issues around transgender visibility.

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19 to 23 October | brut im Konzerthaus
Transgender Visibilities with Gin Müller & Gorji Marzban
Secret Ingredients

The issue of transgender visibility runs like a golden thread through Gin Müller’s artistic and discursive oeuvre. The combination of transgender theories and activist practices finds its expression in deliberately diverse performative settings. According to this approach, the performances of TRANS GENDER MOVES are complemented by an exhibition and a discussion event.

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22 October, 9 pm | brut im Künstlerhaus/Foyer/Bar
AUSTRIAN APPAREL meets Derek Roberts, Denice Bourbon + 1

In October, Denice Bourbon, the number-one diva of the Austrian queer avant-garde scene, will grace brut with her presence. A singer, author, burlesque dancer and entertainer, she likes to spice up her live performances with a good helping of punk. At BRUTTO, she will appear together with a surprise +1, so brace yourselves! The second October act will be AUSTRIAN APPAREL, but somewhat different from how we know them: Dominik Traun and Sebastian Wasner, having produced electronic live music since 2012, explore new avenues now. At BRUTTO, they will meet up with Derek Roberts. Poetry meets hip-hop, meets techno, let’s go!

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29 October to 1 November, 8 pm | brut im Künstlerhaus
Florentina Holzinger

After causing quite a sensation on an international level paired with Vincent Riebeek, Florentina Holzinger is now back on the brut stage with a new piece. Attended by a coach, she turns into a warrior both physically and spiritually. Recovery revolves around struggle as a process of healing and the stage as an arena, in which questions of coping with trauma, a fresh start and female support are raised.

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+++ Bretterbodendisko, 25 October, from 10 pm, brut im Künstlerhaus/Foyer/Bar  +++