23 to 26 May, 8 pm I brut im Künstlerhaus
Wiener Festwochen - Diego Bianchi/Luis Garay
Under de si

How perfectly can a made-up world be transformed into reality? Under de si is a happening, an exhibition and a theatrical installation, all rolled into one, that lets its visitors decide whether they want to embark on a labyrinthine course leading through an artwork composed of 20 stations or rather prefer to contemplate it from afar.

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31 May to 3 June, 8 pm I brut im Künstlerhaus
Wiener Festwochen - La Re-sentida/Marco Layera
La Imaginación del Futuro

On 11 September 1973, Salvador Allende gave his last speech as the President of Chile. A few minutes later, the presidential palace La Moneda in Santiago de Chile was overrun by the military in a coup d’état. In their dramatic fiction, the performers of the theatre collective La Re-sentida portray ministers and communication experts counselling President Allende in the last days of his government and trying to save him and the system he stands for.

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6 to 9 June, 8 pm I brut im Künstlerhaus
Wiener Festwochen - Pieter Ampe/Benjamin Verdonck
We don’t speak to be understood

Pieter Ampe and Benjamin Verdonck are old friends who share a love of slapstick. For the first time, they share the stage as well – they are planning a duet. But that’s about all they share. While one of them ponders what might happen if he bought a one-seat couch and remained seated on it for the entire performance, the other is impatient to reproach him for the embarrassment this somewhat unusual approach is bound to cause …

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13 to 16 June, 8 pm I brut im Künstlerhaus
Wiener Festwochen - The Civil Wars
Milo Rau/International Institute of Political Murder

In The Civil Wars, the question "In what times are we living today?" led the investigation back to the actors’ own biographies. Milo Rau plunged into the cosiness of family relationships, asking questions about the influence of political currents on life choices. The performers’ stories about their school enrolment, about bathing trips and family celebrations do not sketch biographies but rather conjure up a tableau vivant of recent European history.

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Mein Lieblingsbrut
Audience survey
5 minutes / 10 questions / 20 chances to win

There are some changes lying ahead of brut: Around Kira Kirsch a new artistic team is going to take over from October 2015. That gives us the occasion to ask our audience: What do you like about brut? How do you want to be informed? And in general: Do you have wishes for the future? Until 14 June you can win VIP tickets each week for the new brut season opening. And in the end we raffle a special prize for all who took part in the survey.

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