23 and 25 April, 8 pm I brut im Künstlerhaus
Deborah Hazler

Higher, faster, stronger! KEEP US GOING is a dance performance focusing on endurance as a physical accomplishment. The topics of achievement, competition and perseverance are approached from different perspectives, and these approaches can re-emerge afresh every night only to be drawn into question. Within the setting of a sports event, host Anat Stainberg invites the audience to literally keep the performance of artists Deborah Hazler and Sarah Holcman going. 

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29 April, 9 pm I brut im Künstlerhaus
Afrika Tour 2015

Dagobert, our sublimely crazy pop poet and indie tear jerker from the Swiss mountains, is back at brut! Finally, his devoutly loving fans may cheer, even those who missed his brilliant performance at brut one and a half years ago. The eccentric Swiss has his band and his second album Afrika with him, a multi-faceted musical piece, in which Dagobert once again debauches in the ups and downs of life and love.

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6 to 13 May
8 years in 8 days

The final countdown has started! With the 13th May the first eight years of brut draw to a close: the baton can be passed on and the co-production house once again re-invented. But beforehand, everything that brut had been in the past eight years will be celebrated one last time. SO FAR SO BRUT combines eight years in eight days of performances, theatre, dance, concerts and club nights. The programme culminates in a soon to be legendary farewell party. Let’s dance, let’s drink, let’s kiss, let’s celebrate. Let it be too brut to be true …

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Mein Lieblingsbrut
Audience survey
5 minutes / 10 questions / 20 chances to win

There are some changes lying ahead of brut: Around Kira Kirsch a new artistic team is going to take over from October 2015. That gives us the occasion to ask our audience: What do you like about brut? How do you want to be informed? And in general: Do you have wishes for the future? Until 14 June you can win VIP tickets each week for the new brut season opening. And in the end we raffle a special prize for all who took part in the survey.

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+++ SO FAR SO BRUT, 8 years in 8 days, 6 to 13 May  +++