6 to 21 March | brut im Künstlerhaus, brut im Konzerthaus, Other Venues
imagetanz 2015
Festival for Choreography, Performance and Uncanny Bodies

With this year’s focus on uncanny bodies imagetanz coaxes our inner demons out of the dark: In times when threat and danger seems to lurk around every corner, and a culture of fear persistently gains ground in contemporary society, imagetanz brings together international and local artists to launch a performative counter-attack. With
a radical and playful approach, the festival focuses on the gaps in our rationalisation processes, where doubt, anxiety and fear can grow and sheds new light on how – with what strategies and tools - we negotiate otherness.

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6 March, 6 to 10 pm, 7 March, 3 to 9 pm, 8 March, 1 to 7 pm I Künstlerhaus, Stadtkino access

In their project training, the artist duo hoelb/hoeb deals with physical transformation processes and images of the body at the intersection of human beings, animals and robotics. In the exhibition spaces of Künstlerhaus, the artists open a training laboratory, in which they combine work-out machines, MRI scanners, intensive-care beds, prostheses and robots.

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6 March, 4 to 8.30 pm & 7 and 8 March, 3 to 7.30 pm I Künstlerhaus Passagegalerie
Myriam Lefkowitz
Walk, Hands, Eyes (Vienna)

Walk, Hands, Eyes is a silent walk through Vienna. With their eyes closed, each spectator is guided by a performer for one hour through the city, to experience an entirely new connection between walking, seeing and touching.

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6 and 7 March, 9 pm I brut im Künstlerhaus
Julian Hetzel
I’m Not Here Says The Void

There’s something beneath the carpet, there’s somebody standing behind the curtain. I’m Not Here Says The Void is a dark poetic performance about sculpting fear: fear that materialises all of a sudden and then disappears just as quickly as it came about. Julian Hetzel combines elements of visual theatre, dance, sculpture and electronic music into a journey through uncanny non-places, right into the middle of the unknown.

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+++ Shiver & Shake - imagetanz opening party, 6 March, 10 pm, brut im Künstlerhaus/Foyer/Bar  +++